<strong>Beautiful Strangers</strong>  
                   May 26 - Octber 8, 2018<br>  
                <h6>Berkshire Botanical Garden</h6>
Group Exhibition
May 26 - Octber 8, 2018
Beautiful Strangers
Berkshire Botanical Garden, Stockbridge, MA berkshirebotanical.org Exhibition Catalog

Curated by James Salomon, Beautiful Strangers: Artists Discover the Garden features a collection of stunning installations by ten contemporary artists on display throughout the 15-acre Garden. The exhibition opens on May 26 at the Garden's annual gala, FĂȘte des Fleurs.

Featured artists: Alice Aycock, Wendell Castle, E.V. Day, Fitzhugh Karol, Mark Mennin, Michele Oka Doner, Toni Ross, Ned Smyth, Stephen Talasnik, and Rob Wynne.

This exhibition has been generously underwritten with a grant from the Dorothea Leonhardt Fund at the Communities Foundation of Texas, Inc.