<strong>Destinations</strong>    P.S. 156 - Brooklyn, New York <strong>Wave Hill Walls</strong>    Riverdale, New York <strong>Upper Room</strong>    Battery Park City, New York <strong>Landfall 39° North 35° West</strong>    Wilmington, Delaware <strong>The Balance of Life</strong>    Iowa State University <strong>Bird Words</strong>    Weehawken, New Jersey <strong>Male Torso, Female Torso</strong>    Ramapo, New Jersey

In 1977, Ned Smyth was awarded his first public art installation, a fountain for the Governmental Services Administration (GSA) in the US Virgin Islands. This commission, and others that followed, marked a natural progression of Smyth's studio practice which was heavily informed by archeological sites, temples, cathedrals, and past structural periods and details. From 1985 through 2005, Smyth focused solely on public art. He has completed over thirty large-scale public projects including Upper Room (1986), the first art project commissioned for Battery Park City, New York. His public work can be found in locations such as Anchorage, Pittsburgh, Fort Lauderdale, Savannah, Wilmington, Brooklyn, Long Beach, and Dublin.

  1. 1978
  1. Arcades
    Dag Hammarskjold Plaza Sculpture Garden
    New York, New York
    cast concrete installation
  2. Reverent Grove
    GSA Commission for the Federal Courthouse
    Charlotte Amalie, Saint Thomas, The Virgin Islands
    glass and marble mosaic on cast concrete, water
  1. 1979
  1. Wave Hill Walls
    Wave Hill
    Riverdale, New York
    cast concrete installation
  1. 1982
  1. A Part of the Whole
    Prudential Insurance Company Corporate Headquarters
    Thousand Oaks, California
    marble and terrazzo, wood, glass and gold mosaic
  1. 1983
  1. Anchorage Vault Tower
    Brooklyn Bridge
    New York, New York
    concrete and wood

    Commissioned by Creative Time
  2. Two Trees
    Veterans Administration Hospital
    Gainesville, Florida
    cast concrete and mosaic
  1. 1984
  1. Piazza Lavoro and Mythic Source
    Museum of Art, Carnegie Institute
    Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
    cast concrete, mosaic and terrazzo

    Commissioned for The Allegheny Landing Sculpture Park
    by The Heinz Family
  2. Tree of Life
    Cigna Corporation Art Collection
    Hartford, Connecticut
    stone and marble mosaic, wood
  3. Firehouse Facade
    Bayside Fire Station
    Queens, New York
  1. 1985
  1. The Intruder
    Anchorage Art Museum
    Anchorage, Alaska
    marble, glass, gold mosaic
  1. 1986
  1. Upper Room
    Battery Park City
    New York, New York
    precast concrete, bluestone, mosaic
  1. 1988
  1. Hall of Balance
    Prudential Insurance Company Headquarters
    Newark, New Jersey
    terrazzo, wood, glass and stone mosaic
  2. Landfall 39° North 35° West
    Christina Gateway Park and Amtrak Station
    Wilmington, Delaware
    cast concrete, landscaping, lighting
  1. 1990
  1. In the Moment
    Bethesda, Maryland
    mural: wood, stone, glass mosaic
    floor: marble, mosaic
    courtyard: concrete, mosaic
  2. Gaia
    City Town Hall
    Dublin, California
    fiberglass, stone and glass mosaic, fountain
  1. 1991
  1. Wave Wall in Green
    Coney Island Water Purification Plant
    New York, New York
    chain link, concrete, landscape, 1 mile perimeter
  1. 1992
  1. Two Worlds Apart
    GSA, Savannah, Georgia
    fiberglass, stone and glass mosaic, landscape
  1. 1994
  1. Accordant Zone
    5 Acre Park
    Fort Lauderdale, Florida
    concrete, keystone, landscape

    collaboration with Barbara Niejna
  2. Our Shadow
    University of Southern Florida
    Saint Petersburg, Florida
    keystone, gold mosaic and lime paint
  3. Building Blocks
    D.E.P. State of Florida
    Saint Petersburg, Florida
    keystone, marble mosaic and lime paint
  1. 1995
  1. World Park
    World Park
    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
    cast concrete, fiberglass, stone and glass mosaic, landscape

    commissioned by Marriott Hotel
  1. 1996
  1. The Dream Of Simultaneous Connection
    Victory Park
    Long Beach, California
    steel, stucco, stone and glass mosaic, landscape

    commissioned by KOAR Developer
  1. 1998
  1. The Balance of Life
    Iowa State University
    Ames, Iowa
    stone and glass mosaic, cement, pigment
  2. Wellness In Blue
    Hagedorn State Hospital
    Glen Gardener, New Jersey
    fiberglass, stone and glass mosaic fountain, plywood, lime paint
  1. 1999
  1. It All Evolves Up The Rungs Of DNA
    Montclair State University
    Montclair, New Jersey
    stone and glass mosaic mural
  2. Foot Hold
    Montclair State University
    Montclair, New Jersey
    fiberglass, glass mosaic, boulders, landscape
  1. 2000
  1. Archeology
    Vaydik Line Creek Park
    Kansas City, Missouri
    steel, foam, stucco, and glass mosaic drawing
  1. 2001
  1. Earth Pursues The Future
    Asbury Park
    Asbury Park, New Jersey
    fiberglass, glass and gold mosaic
  1. 2002
  1. Destinations
    PS 156
    Brooklyn, New York
    transparent glass, marble, lighting, shadows
  1. 2004
  1. 1 to 2
    Landscape Park and NJT Station
    Port Imperial, New Jersey
  2. World On Track
    Ramsey NJT Station
    Ramsey, New Jersey
    glass and stone, mosaic, curved track rails
  1. 2006
  1. Four For Lincoln
    Lincoln Harbor NJT Light Rail Station
    Weehawken, New Jersey
  1. 2007
  1. Bird Words
    Lincoln Harbor NJT Light Rail Station
    Weehawken, New Jersey
    bronzes plaques
  1. 2008
  1. The Next Generation
    Science Department Building Lehman College
    Bronx, New York
    urethane and glass wall murals
  1. 2015
  1. Ned Smyth
    Adler Center for Nursing at Ramapo College
    Ramapo, New Jersey